Hi. I’m Retta.

User experience designer. Artist. Maker of things. Doer of stuff. Continuously on the learn.

I started out as a print designer and added web design to my skills when my company needed a website. That was over fifteen years ago. Now I focus on creating great user experiences based on psychology and research. It is one thing to have a pretty website but it is a whole other level to make it work for your customers and business goals. This is the kind of stuff that gets me excited. Working with clients to build websites and create business strategies give me opportunities to learn new skills and grow as a person and I have had the privilege of working with some of the best clients out there.

I enjoy photography, drawing, gardening, traveling, and getting involved in communities… both online and off.

I grew up in the Appalachia Mountains of Kentucky, so you will occasionally hear a y’all here or a twang there. I haven’t lived there in sometime but I visit often. I like bluegrass music and electronica. I like porch sitting/bird watching and broadway shows.

Sweet Lemon Design


My Art and Illustrations


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