Things are a changin’. Kind of but not really. I’ve always been a designer and artist but I’ve kept them separate, at least their online presences, but they have always fed and complimented each other. I’m on the mission to simplify and integrate them now. This started with a website redesign and I’m working on some exciting things in both areas.

Let’s make a list:


Content Strategy & Design

  • I’m working on some content packages to help creative entrepreneurs develop their online presence and get their content seen.
  • I’m reworking my web design offerings using feedback I’ve gathered from current clients.


Other things are bubbling up but I’m focusing on the list above for now.

This blog will become a place to record what is happening with my art, business, and life and to share my knowledge and what I’m learning about them all. Keeping everything in one place makes sense for me now. I am all of these things. They are all intertwined and important to the work I’m doing no matter what the project may be.